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Clinical data management CDM is a phase of clinical research, ideally resulting in solid, reliable data backed by statistics from clinical trials. The objective of CDM processes is to provide high-quality data by eliminating mistakes and accumulating the most data possible for analysis. Clinical data analysts serve as the human element in clinical business intelligence. Clinical data analysts interface between research teams, care staff and management. Analysts also report the results of clinical business intelligence to management, stakeholders and other interested parties. Jul 10, 2014 · A clinical data repository consolidates data from various clinical sources, such as an EMR or a lab system, to provide a full picture of the care a patient has received. Some examples of the types of data found in a clinical data repository include demographics, lab results, radiology images, admissions, transfers, and diagnoses. Clinical sources can be extractions from electronic health/medical records or clinical personnel performing manual reviews regularly depending on the data collected. One such database is the National Healthcare Safety Network NHSN. Staff members collect data meeting definitions and perform manual data entry into the repository.

The success of any clinical trial depends on the accurate generation, gathering, and analysis of data. Because of the high stakes involved, pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers. Medical clinical data refers to health-related information that is associated with regular patient care or as part of a clinical trial program. This includes electronic health records, which are. Clinical data. Clinical data is essentially the safety and performance information that is generated from the use of a medical device. To demonstrate safety and performance of a medical device, clinical evidence must be provided. Basically, there are two possibilities to generate clinical evidence. Firstly, clinical data may be collected through clinical investigations conducted with the respective medical device. The.

Jun 12, 2014 · Such is the case with claims data versus clinical data. A patient’s broken arm looks like an image in the medical record but appears as ICD-9 code 813.8 in the claims data. And it looks like the future holds even more sources of data, like patient-generated tracking from devices like fitness monitors and blood pressure sensors. Common Clinical Data Set Author: Department of Health and Human Services, Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology Subject: Table comparing the Clinical Data Set regulations in the 2014 Edition Standard with the 2015 Edition Standard Keywords: Health IT, ONC, EHR, Common Clinical Data Set Created Date. Clinical research is medical research involving people. There are two types, observational studies and clinical trials. Observational studies observe people in normal settings. Researchers gather information, group volunteers according to broad characteristics, and compare changes over time.

The Clinical Data Standards Initiative, in collaboration with leading industry organizations, aims to develop industry-wide Data Standards in priority Therapeutic Areas TAs to support the exchange and submission of clinical research and meta-data, while improving patient safety and outcomes.

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